Cumulus is on a mission to change how you memorialize your loved ones. Our vision is to make remembering a meaningful and participatory part of everyday life.

Founded in 2022 by Alex Josephson, Cumulus was born out of a personal experience of near-loss. Alex’s father spent nine months hospitalized for COVID-19-related complications; he came close to dying on several occasions. In preparing to say goodbye to his father no fewer than three times, Alex became painfully aware of how little his family had collected and archived in the way of photos, videos, and ephemera. 

As an architect with a longstanding interest in the design of spiritual sites and the spatial dimensions of memorialization and memory, Alex seized on a new idea: a digital architecture for honouring the people we love that mimics the process of memory itself and provides a safe and enduring space for people to reminisce, celebrate, and grieve. 

The investigations required to hone the product vision for Cumulus started with talking to a range of people of different ages and backgrounds about their experiences of loss and mourning; our research eventually scaled to include discussions with end-of-life companies. On a quest to become the world’s most immersive, collaborative, and accessible platform to capture and experience our memories, Cumulus is now supported by some of the companies we spoke to as well as venture capital.

We’re designers, architects, technologists, and, like many of us, people who have experienced loss.

Alex Josephson

Alex Josephson is the co-founder of award-winning Toronto-based architecture studio PARTISANS. Alex is the only Canadian to have received the New York Prize Fellowship at the Van Alen Institute, and PARTISANS was named 2020's Best Emerging Studio by The Royal Architecture Institute of Canada. He currently lectures at the University of Toronto Daniels Faculty of Architecture. 


Cory Salveson

Cory is a technologist and researcher specialized in the social science and application of emerging technology. At the Oxford Internet Institute, his research focused on the impacts of artificial intelligence on human learning. He has pioneered multidisciplinary thinking across his career in industry, government, and academia as well as startup, SMB, and enterprise settings. In 2017, he was awarded the Oxford Ideas Prize.


Sasha Grujicic

Sasha is an award-winning technology executive with global leadership experience in both public and private markets. In his 20+ year career, Sasha has scaled technology adoption with Fortune 500 companies, overseen teams of over 1,500 people, revenues of almost $200 million and supported many startups from incubation through acquisition. Sasha is also a graduate of Singularity University, the élite, global joint-venture program founded by Google, NASA and a host of leading intellectuals including Ray Kurzweil, dedicated to the understanding of accelerating technologies and their impacts on humanity.



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